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Edge of Space: Discover the Truth!

…Deep Space Transmission 004 Alpha … received…

COMMAND> Play Deep Space Transmission 004 Alpha

[VOICE OF DR. STELMAN] “This entity- this alien life form- has taken the crew and the rest of the research team. Only I remain, but I doubt that I will be able to hide much longer. It takes the form of friends, of allies… and kills one by one. Earth Ops- if you get this message, do not send an investigation team. Do not enter Titan Research Six. Destroy the station from orbit. I repeat: Do not send an investigation team. If this alien entity is allowed to escape Titan by infecting a host, Earth will- [SCREAMS]

…Deep Space Transmission 004 Alpha… message end…

COMMAND> Deploy Investigation Team to Titan Research Six.

Objective of Team: Retrieve Dr. Stelman’s research on Titan and corroborate details of Deep Space Transmission 004 Alpha. Return to ship before orbital strike.

COMMAND> Begin Countdown Sequence- Set to 1:00



IMPORTANT: Please Read!

Age requirement: Edge of Space is designed with the experienced escape room player in mind. Because of this, we are requiring that at least 75% of your group be age 14+.

The Traitors: We have introduced a game style which is wholly unique. In order to truly experience what Edge of Space can offer, we recommend playing with the traitor element. This optional way to play requires at least six players in the room. Upon arrival, you will be given a color and a SECRET role: HUMAN or ALIEN. The humans’ job is to escape, just like any escape room. The aliens’ job is to stop the humans from escaping. There are two aliens, but neither one knows the other’s identity! And none of the humans know either aliens’ identity! If you are playing with the traitors, there will always be a winning team! The question is- Who can you trust?