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Your heart is pounding. Your hands are shaking. 

You know the combination to this lock- at least you think you do. Steven helped you figure it out. The letters on the back of the mirror weren't letters at all, but numbers. They have to work here; it's the only lock left.

7 minutes remain to find a way out. If not, whole team fails. You, your brother-in-law Steven, his son, and Granddad- not to mention the nice engaged couple you just met. So, you go back to the lock. Try it again. Still nothing.

5 minutes remain. Suddenly Cheryl screams out in triumph as the puzzle she's been working on fits into place... and a secret panel opens, revealing even more props, decor, and puzzles. Guess there's more to do still. 

3 minutes remain... 

Escape Adventures brings fun, cooperative puzzle solving in a family-friendly atmosphere that's perfect for friends, families, and coworkers! It truly is an experience unlike any other!